Urban-Recovery is a company founded by British Watersports Professional and global traveller Jason Bergin. Urban-Recovery provides specialist Coaching, Training Courses and Adventure Holidays in the UK and Worldwide.

Urban-Recovery's specialist team, made up of like minded professionals from all over the world, understand just how hectic, stressful and exhausting modern life can be and the negative affect this can have on our minds, body and spirit. Urban-Recovery is all about inspiring people to change or modify their old, bad habits and embrace a new approach to healthy living and enjoyable lives. Our key principles are as follows: Regular Exercise, Recreation, Good Diet and Nutrition, Time in Nature, Relationships and Relaxation. Through a combination of exciting physical challenges, living food options, restorative activities, supportive holistic treatments, social interactions and immersion in stunning natural environments, we aim to provide you with the perfect platform to de-stress, re-energise, feel happier, fitter, healthier and utterly restored.


Our Story

After graduating with a Degree in Recreation and Leisure Management in 1999 Jason Bergin packed his bag and set off for 12 months travelling and working his way through Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. It was during this time of 'self discovery' that he began to appreciate just how incredible our planet is and how many amazing people live on it, each with their own unique set of qualities and experiences. Over the next 15 years he focused his career on the emerging adventure sports market obtaining teaching qualifications in Kitesurfing, Surfing and Stand Up Paddleboarding.  Through countless more trips away, further studies and influential meetings with exceptional people he has now created a winning team who all share the Urban-Recovery ethos and contribute to the Urban-Recovery experience.